Newly Born Sea Turtles in Southern Florida

Down here in southern Florida, my mom gets pretty excited when the turtles begin their seasonal nesting. When the turtles drag themselves onto the beach, they deposit their clutch of eggs and bury them till they hatch and scramble to sea. These little guys were dug up by the folks at Gumbo Limbo Animal Reserve, and I wanted to share her video with you all:
I believe the grey bucket holds the Leatherback turtles and the other, the Loggerheads. (in the middle of the clip you can sea the shells they have hatched from.) For the next couple of weeks the rest of the turtles will be beginning to hatch and dig their way up from their sandy nest here in the sunny stretch of Florida- the sea turtles who are fortunate enough to have chosen Boca and Deerfield beaches as a nesting ground are lucky as they are under the protection of the wildlife department; some will be taken to the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center to be protected and cared for.  


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