A Serf to Nobility

A night steeped in shadows,
Our hearts wreathed in light:
My beloved,
Come sup with me,
The hour is nearing mid night,
The time we have to be together,
Draws nigh-
Come close and listen,
I know a nook o’er there,
Where the pale of the moon,
Doesn’t peak,
Eat and drink,
Breathe in-
Rich, salt earth,
Bracing shore breeze.
Lay upon my downy blanket,
This shoal is rocky,
You should never suffer discomfort,
I love you,
Kiss me and behold,
The waves,
Though dimly illuminated,
Powerfully play,
To shape stone to jagged outcropping.
It is rawness and beauty.
You encompass both.
Hold me as wave and rock meet,
To usher forth a royal sea-spray,
And listen to the beating of hearts of flesh and blood,
Lay a moment for thou art mine,
I tremble at your caress,
And feel rooted and worn by you,
Place your soft hands here,
Cold stone is not fit,
Try my own-
Precarious position we’ve found ourselves;
Allow me to wrap arms made strong by you,
Around you.
And the sea leaps up and up!
Her roar and receding sigh surrounds,
Till I am weak and must humbly retire,
She allows me to kiss her still,
While the sea she is a roiling,
The time to be with you,
Draws regretably nigh.


About A Foreign Sojourn

I am a Joe of many trades including professional cook, avid reader and ambitious adventurer-check out my latest photos and peruse my blogs for a sampling in regards to the worlds of eating and worldly adventures!
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