Harbinger of Despair

I’ve puzzled over,Despair, Draft, 1 April 2014 3

And have not ceased,

The wonderment of you-

How is it your right to love me,

Then leave me,

In a way befitting a thief;

To have honourably dueled,

Then mercilessly slaughtered?

As if to write a note,

On the night stand,

And slip away ‘fore,

the morning sun:

Dear Lover,

I have another,

And care to tell you naught,

For all the joy and satisfaction you have known,

was on only marginally stirred,

In me!

Revel in misery

Rake hot coals,

The warmth you’ve had,

Rests with another,

Despair, Draft, 2,3 April 2014Go away,

Be off and settle alone.

Oh, wicked thing,

Cruel harbinger of despair!

Kick off my crown,

Smear mud on my face,

bruise my lips,

and cut my tongue-

All these things,

For Christ sake,

Cannot be undone.

By leaving me in the dark,

That is the absence of you,

I’ve fallen and pierced myself through,

With a sword deigned,

for those unworthy of you;

Look now how it has turned,

And in my breast.

Despair, Draft, 4 April 2014Tell me that it’s alright.

And kneel by myside .

Pull out the sword-

Cut off my head!

And I could expire from your life,

With decency.

T’would be better,

To die with you in my eyes,

Than to languish among,

Cold, wet stone,

ebbing away lonesome…

But lowly,

and with my dying breath,

It was you I loved the best.”

A Jilted Lover Promotional


About A Foreign Sojourn

I am a Joe of many trades including professional cook, avid reader and ambitious adventurer-check out my latest photos and peruse my blogs for a sampling in regards to the worlds of eating and worldly adventures!
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