Vol. 1, Branded Souls, Chapter 1: The Dragon (Pt. 1)

A pause in the atmosphere hung suspended like a shroud that pointed an intangibly heavy question. It was incomprehensible to most except for those intimate with the proceedings of death. It was quietness, weight, the absence of movement- animals knew these tidings, all survival was dependent on this.

The birds in their roosts stilled and the creatures of Terra, skittered into their warrens except for a black squirrel. It chattered on the far end of a wooden bench; it was busy stuffing a large piece of stale bread in its mouth. A gnawing malaise dawned on the squirrel as it was eating; its ears quivered and pricked up with a cautious fear. The creature dropped its crumbling snack and surveyed with large, dark eyes. It ceased moving and froze in utter terror. The judge was thundering his gavel with a verdict.
A golden eagle sped downwards, screaming like a banshee leaping from hell’s fissure in broad daylight. It saw its query and it knew that it belonged to an order classified as prey. It grabbed the hapless creature in a single, lightening-swoop of its razor-sharp and crushing talons. The raptor moved upwards with it’s squealing prize. The squirrel had paid a dear price for its infraction.

A roaring thunder came from an opening in the graying cumulus above. At first it was a glinting shadow against a sun full of rays. Then the vision grew into reality as it descended; it blotted out the sun with vast crimson leather wings that stretched the length of a stadium. Screams of terror and bells issuing deep, resonating alarms rang out through the valley, electrifying the once peaceful afternoon air.

The legendary wyvern of old radiated with dazzling color like fine glass and jewels and its eyes were as brilliant as carbuncle gems that were imbued and veined with topaz. From its maw came a rumbling so profound it was as if the gods were holding a debacle in the sky. Magma glowed in its ruby scaled throat now and it volleyed liquid fire in short bursts in all direction. The dragon was dominant in all feats of strength and agility and it displayed its prowess recklessly. The eagle and its entire splendor could not out-maneuver this thing of wanton destruction- it was caught in the wake of death.

Black smoke fell from the sky; the eagle and the rodent were both reduced to a mass of char and were sent as a smoking package, tumbling back down to the Earth. A roar of triumph shook the rafters of heaven. The houses of man below shook; great vibrations and the percussion of wind gusts ripped the roofs of thatched houses. It flew towards a giant castle with a furious roar and perched on a staggering tower, flinging the archers up into the air and catching them in snaps of its enormous jaws.

The clouds huddled together, turned an ashen gray and wept. Angry lightning bolts arced across the sky; the ferocity and violence between nature and the parties of man came to a head. There became no perceptible weather except a picture of hell above and hell below. A winding mass of black armored men snaked down the path from the mouth of the castle; artillery, soldiers and cannons poured out from the open drawbridge like hornets protecting the nest.

The sky crackled with a horrible mischief; this new player of devastation were the incendiaries; man had grown wroth at this cruel tyrant and retaliated with explosions of violent color: Ochre and crimson, blacks and blinding whites, yellows of sulfur and billowing smoke. Bombs, mortars and blasting ripped the sky asunder as the flock sought blood for blood. The indignant cries of human warriors, like tiny voices were unified in chorus that reached to the creature as a goading insult to its pride. Each shelling was greeted and returned by a frenzy of tearing, flinging and burning; bodies were strewn across a scorched and broad field underneath a ruinous castle looming among steep, jagged mountains.

(Continued: part 2) 

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