Foolish, Part 1

Your love, your justice, your discretion, you and all of this it was flesh and blooded, ruby lips that commanded me- in all of that, in all of that you possessed never once did I think to have been left here like this.
SixFootRoadBeginningrevisedIt takes heartbreak to know heartbreak. And I fell into that blonde woman’s arms on the bunt up wings of a lonely realization that occurred to me, one broken-down night in a road-worn van. I was with someone special that time and like a line that follows a path but bends at the horizon- all is unknown. I hadn’t the faintest where I’d end up. All that matter was the idea of truth as we pursued an open road. But here I am, something special has vanished from me. Dew drops that evaporate in a beaming afternoon sun. Heat, perspiration and the condensation that grows on my broad windshield and side windows encapsulates the moment that has lingered
from a night of chaos held suspended by two warm bodies and sex. I wipe my fingers on it’s cold dampness; the cold dampness of the glass pane and press my forehead to it. I try to command a view but the view commands me. I recoil in a start of terror and am overwhelmed by it’s stunning.
I want to flee.
I should have listened to my heart sometime ago when I was back in olives and ouzo and entered this woman’s apartment. I should have left her hospitality there, with a smile and thank you. I should have listened and ceased with heart-full, heavy chase and closed a chapter with my purse still full and head still optimistic. If I had delineated, my fate would not have brought me to where I was destined and if such were the case, than in all likelihood,

I would be dead.



About A Foreign Sojourn

I am a Joe of many trades including professional cook, avid reader and ambitious adventurer-check out my latest photos and peruse my blogs for a sampling in regards to the worlds of eating and worldly adventures!
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