Foolish Pt. 2

(Cont’d)…I couldn’t have had you in any other way that would have branded my mind so tragically; you seared my heart like a piece of meat and cut me till I was tender.
I could never have envisioned then that you’d be rid of me so quickly. A fox scratching its velvet ear, removing a tick and sauntering into the field for some chase or prey.  I never saw it coming- you must have.
Foolish LoveI suppose, I never see anything coming. All I saw was you and I was spellbound, ensorcelled by your careless flaunt and casual breath. Whatever, it didn’t matter and it still doesn’t. If I was brave enough or perhaps cognizant of your inner, lattice lace of beautiful and conflicting thoughts, I still would never have delved. I admired but should have studied the webs of an already spun tapestry. The loom of fate is daunting and not for myself to understand. I had a moment, a precious moment with you that I never once scrutinized nor should have. It was lightning in a bottle that any rational being would have scrambled for and stoned dead any sane thought they may have had when you, a crackling blue arc cracked across a static, summer sky. Now, like smoke from a fire and dust in your palm here comes a strong breeze and there goes whatever you never had.
You had me. You had me wholly and unadulterated and I faltered and exposed a soft underbelly that you bit into and drained the blood from when you left.  Your fangs were like brilliant baubles of flashing brilliance, sheened by saliva and poised for a thrill. And I knew that it was you who I wanted and It was you who I aimed all my charm. Remembering that time when I first saw you walk up to the porch. I called you over and asked if you’d like to play. Your lips parted and you brushed your hair to the side with an elegant white hand.
It didn’t matter whether I knew to play the game or not, there were others to show me. You told me that you weren’t familiar with it either. How little I knew. It takes heartbreak to know heartbreak…
Your love, your justice, your discretion, you and all of this it was flesh and blooded ruby lips that commanded me- in all of that, in all of that you possessed never once did I think to have been left here like this...



About A Foreign Sojourn

I am a Joe of many trades including professional cook, avid reader and ambitious adventurer-check out my latest photos and peruse my blogs for a sampling in regards to the worlds of eating and worldly adventures!
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