Humanizing the Autonomous Vehicle

Humanizing the autonomous vehicle will be an important step in developing safe, reliable and impactful auto transportation. WIRED wants us to believe that the “…best way to program those robots to drive may be to program them to drive more like humans…” Consider these three potential advantages to making… “robo-cars ape human habits”:

  1. A Humanlike vehicle will make the human occupant more comfortable when making that decision to surrender our long ingrained control.
    1.  It could blend into and interact with traffic.
    2. Can handle “…situations where human intuition can be more useful than fixed algorithms.”
  2. “They can’t get distracted, or drunk, or fall asleep at the wheel.”
    1. What’s best about the autonomous vehicle is that it is not human.

In summary, WIRED tells us that these AV’s will “have to learn at least some of our ways—if only for our sake.” Because the infrastructure of transportation has been handcrafted by human operated drivers for decades, it is only natural to understand this. What is implied here is that the overlay of human based road interaction will give way to new regulations and reforms as the AV technology begins to take root. They must learn what it is to be us in order to become a better us, so to speak.

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