A Smarter Vehicle with Ethics? (nah.)

A few weeks ago I was browsing Reddit and I came across this interesting survey that seemed to garner quite a bit of Reddit karma currency (up-votes.) The survey is linked here but submissions are now closed- Stanford Honor Thesis: the Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles.

The audience was asked to answer several questions regarding their feelings towards the new tech of Automated Vehicles (AV) then moved on to more alarming and disturbing questions: would you get into your vehicle if it were programmed to kill?

In it’s dichotomous analysis, Stanford Student suggests that this is a legitimate concern because there will in all probability be a situation where the vehicle must decide to crash in order to reduce fatality, damage, etc; the clincher is that you might be that fatality. the upswing? Hey, you might save a kid.   attention_child

My mind rebels. I can’t believe that people are so one tracked and divided over the ethics of a vehicle when it shouldn’t even be dilemma. What happens if I were to tell you that we could join the power of the computer with the vehicle to create a truly efficient and safer mode of transportation that can withstand higher velocity crashes with no fatalities? Or better yet, how about greater technology in handling and performance that can outmaneuver dangerous situations that normal vehicles couldn’t? Check out Goodyear’s conceptualized tires:

Here is a great article for furthering reading from Popular Mechanics on Goodyear’s Conceptual Tires.


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