Tesla’s Summon Will Redefine Green

Hark and listen for what looms on the horizon! It is the reinvention of the wheel, (kind of). Tesla’s Model S and X electric sportsters  have got some new software that will take the world farther than it’s ever been. Every season new software is developed for the Tesla, last update 7.1 saw the rise of the Summon command, summoning your vehicle to you. Tesla correspondent writes from their website Teslamotors.com, “In the morning, you wake up, walk out the front door, and summon your car. It will open the garage door and come to greet you.”

Let’s be honest. We have all heard how wonderful and praiseworthy it is to switch to a green alternative, so let’s think electric. After all, down with fossil fuels! Out with oil! [insert diatribe here] But lets be honest and not pander to these one track cassettes. The reception of EcoBoost to Flex-fuel and even to hybrid tech has been luke-warm at best and their advantages, well, the same. Gas consumption is a sensationalized misdirect that has grabbed our attention for generations. Whatever the auto bigheads seemed to have cooked up in response to general public outcry, just falls short and flat of real automotive innovation. Has change eluded us? No, change is certainly here but clashing head-on with big oil business has certainly proven much too daunting and unfulfilled; consider the fact that we have had successful electric cars in the 1880’s.
Looking around to assess the alternatives of green think, we see a champion emerge.
But, What does this have to do with going green, we all know Tesla is 100% electric! Going green is multifaceted and not all tied up with this old-hat fuel efficiency ratio, colleague!
Consider not squeezing into tight spaces, from your garage to some downtown urban nightmare, where space is more valuable than cadmium. Just whip out your phone and say, “Kitt, pick me up.” Within limitations, it will pull out of it’s spot to greet you. What this means is smaller parking lot spaces. The resource of space, which is not renewable, has shifted because our need will have shrunk, albeit by several inches on each side of the parking line- but multiply that by millions. What could we do with all that leftover space? Green up our cities? You name it, the resource of space has been levied. Ah, fresh air!

 Now, consider the near future, in as little as 2 years we will see an immersive blend of autonomous vehicles, road worthy, with a full-tilt summoning capabilities. (check out Elon Musk’s Interview.) You’re in Chico, California tending your crop but live in Ft. Worth, TX? No problem, the arrival of your vehicle and map of its route and position are all at your fingertips. Going green does not have to be fuel-centric thought. The ramifications of autonomous vehicle technology will yield green concepts as demonstrated above. (An unmanned, summoned fleet of vehicles might just destroy domestic airport travel, and good-riddance!)




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