Try a Heuristic boost today!

Need some good researching help? Try to fit your inquiry into these 3 elements of heuristic investigation; a pre-research method design include a Static, Dynamic and Relational inquiry. The heuristic is model designed to draw more information regarding a topic of research. Here is  model from Rhetoric and Writing blog from a Research Writing class at Florida Atlantic University

Contrast Variation Distribution
Particle [*]
Static, in itself
View the unit as an isolated, static entity. What are its contrastive features that differentiate it from similar things and identify it? View the unit as a specific variation of a concept or category. What is the range of variation? How much can it change without becoming something else? View the unit as part of a larger context.How is/should it be classified? What position in a sequence? In space/geography? In a system of classes?
Wave [t]
Dynamic, as a process
View the unit as a dynamic, changing project or event. What physical features distinguish it from similar objects or events? In particular, what is its nucleus or essence? View the unit as a dynamic process.How is it changing? View the unit as part of a larger dynamic context. How does it interact with and merge into its environment? Are its borders clear-cut or indeterminate?
Field [∞]
Relational, as a whole
View the unit as an abstract multi-dimensional system. How are its components organized in relation to one another (for example, in class, temporal sequence, space)? View the unit as a multi-dimensional physical system. How do particular instances of the system vary? View the unit as an abstract system within a larger system. What is its position in the larger system? What systemic features (interactions?) and components make it part of the larger system?

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