The American Road Trip?

The American Road Trip and the summer of 2013:
On my trip I collaborated with Proof of Dining, met up with a foreign co-pilot and together we explored towns, cities and regions throughout the course. We visited, sampled the foods both wild and restaurant based, hiked, explored and wrote our feelings and thoughts through out the experience. I’ll be continuously cataloguing my experiences so check back soon!

My 69' Cruiser.

My 69′ Cruiser.

The beautiful wing-lady from Athens, Greece, Stella.

The beautiful wing-lady from Athens, Greece, Stella.

I met a great friend in Greece the previous summer and she traveled for her first time in the United States with me in that old rusty van you see above- Her name was Red Velvet, The greek lady’s name is Stella. Stella is the frontwoman of Smackinglips, a rock band from Athens. With a big heart and dreams to come, we charted a course for the open road.
What a co-pilot and a friend she was on that, fascinating and daring voyage. Our itinerary for the trip started out as follows but didn’t go quite according to plan; we played it by ear after mishap and diversion led us astray. Check out Stella’s American road trip journal at Tumblr, for some great pictures and songs- she really does a remarkable job at capturing the feeling of adventure! ——–> United States of Stella

  • New York, New York 30th – 3rd August
  • Northern New Jersey to Strasburg, Virginia the 3rd to the 4th of August
  • Shenandoah and Blueridge Mountains to Washington, D.C. the 5th-6th of August
  • Washington D.C. to Ocean City, Maryland, 6th-7th of August
  • Ocean City, Maryland to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina 7th-8th of August
  • Cape Hatteras, NC to Chattanooga, Tennessee 8th-9th of August
  • Peachtree Corners, Georgia (Chattahoochee) 9th-10th of August
  • Southern Georgia to Southern Florida, Boca Raton 12th, 13th or 14th
  • Southern Florida, to Sarasota FL, Across the Gulf Shore to New Orleans, Louisiana, 16th of August

My arrival at the following stops and destinations were more challenging to guess but here is what I thought would happen:

Stella and I were supposed to have arrived in Seattle, Washington by the 15th of September, where we were to decide to continue on. Stella and I picked up my Hungarian friend and co-worker whom I met the previous winter while cooking in Munich. Along the way started a sub-chapter in Las Vegas called: The Hungar, where we ate at a top-tier buffet in the Mirage Casino’s Wicked Spoon, drank and absorbed the mobile van life from the trough of Death Valley to the snowy heights of Yosemite and onward.
We made it as a happy trio as far as Los Angeles and there myself and Barna bid adieu to a lovely women.

Barnabas, the Hungarian and I made it to San Francisco for a short stint then meandered down to San Diego.
Barna has left but pledged promises of a return!

Two Dude friends from Hungry, Barna on the right.

Two dudes from Hungry, Barna on the right.

After the road trip and parting with Stella, I took a job working as a part-time social liason and surf instructor in an international hostel on the beach, tucked away  in a small little pocket of sunny, southern California: Ocean Beach.

Ocean Beach on the pier and facing Sunset Cliffs

Ocean Beach on the pier and facing Sunset Cliffs

With that said, feel free to cruise around and take a peek at some of my adventures, rendezvous, and food-craves across the United States of America.
See you on the road friends,

Joe Foley


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