Vol. 1 Branded Souls The Awakening

Enjoy Chapter 1!

Washington, D.C., Supernatural, Crime, Fantasy

Branded Souls: the Awakening

It’s Washington D.C. and a reluctant immortal is suffering from an existential crisis. Strange and grotesque anomalies put a precinct an the district on its ear. On the other side of town an anxious teenager wants nothing more than to find love and to subdue his mania; objects speak to him; his hot-headed best friend’s carousing land them both in the web of intrigue of guts, gore and fate when an innocent dare turns their world upside down. A hardball Police Captain and a righteous Detective are set upon two seemingly distant cases which are ultimately bisected by a mysterious woman who is all too fond of a Sicilian sub shop in Cleveland Park. A supernatural and dangerous path swallow these unlikely characters into an alternate setting of chivalry, castles and dungeons where they must fight to restore their sanity and halt a seething ancient evil.

(Branded Souls old Book Cover)

Branded Souls Cover Polished

(Previous Edition Cover)

Cheers! -Foreign Sojourn

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Events of Foreign Sojourn, Collage

Events of Foreign Sojourn, Collage



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